The traditional sweets from Sardinia are like small miracles because of their shape and taste.That is the reason why we decided to remain greatly faithful to old recipes handed down by elderly madams.
Today, the materials employed in the preparation of this sweet treasures are still the ones offered by the natural environment of the island.
Honey, sapa, raisins, orange peel and primarily almonds are the fundamental ingredients of Sardinian sweets, whose therapeutic properties where known since Roman times.
It never ceases to amaze us the way this semplicity creates such a richness of sweet flavors.

At LA DELIZIOSA we prepare:
Gli Amaretti
- Sos Amarettos. I Sospiri o Guelfi - Sos Suspiros o Guelfos. I Papassini - Sos Papassinos.
Le Paste Rosse
- Sas Pastas Rujas. I Bianchini - Sos Marigosos. I Biscotti Sardi - Sos Biscottos.
Su Pistiddu. Sas Casatinas. Sas Seadas.